A Chick Called Wanda

A dramedy about escaping city life

A short coming-of-age comedy about a Brooklyn girl’s quest for happiness amid the urban trends of juice cleanses, startups, and chicken adoptions. Trailer Editor : Ace Salisbury and Cameron Bossert Featuring Music by: Big Butter and The Egg Men (http://noahgarabedian.com) and Molly Tuttle (http://www.mollytuttle.net) Shot in Brooklyn NY and Woodstock NY Cast includes: Johnna Scrabis, Jeffrey Michael Lee, Chris Fuentes, Jessica Delfino, Sean Shannon, Kathleen Wise, Matt Ziegel and Jill Kramek, Andrea Finlayson Producers: Reuben Stauber and Cameron Bossert DOP: Ingvar Haukur Guðmundsson Production Design: Aephie Huimi Chen Costume Design: Aephie Huimi Chen writer/director: Arielle Apfel http://www.achickcalledwanda.com